Hair Serum: Ingredients & Effects

Everyday hair-care routine is very important. Shampoos, conditioners and masks may sometimes prove insufficient and you may need a hair serum. What does it do? Is it worth using? Is it able to fix hair damage?

What is a hair serum?

Hair serum is a thick product that usually comes in a small bottle. It’s made up of nutrients that are perfectly absorbed into the hair’s structure. Serum is supposed to instantly improve the condition of hair, strengthen and nourish the ends. This form of product ensures intensive repair.

What does a hair serum do?

Serum is used for hair care and styling. Use it whenever you spot the hair is struggling. The product should smoothen and tame the strands, as well as damage proof the ends. Serums seal the cuticles, protect the tips, add resilience, make hair easier to detangle and enhance the curl.

Who should give it a go?

Everyone can use it. There are so many types that you can surely find one made for your strands. Always remember to suit it to the needs of your hair. Obviously, you shouldn’t count on instant effects; remember to use your serum on a regular basis.

Which hair serum to choose?

Don’t believe in commercials saying that serum is going to fix the split ends immediately and give you super-healthy hair after a few uses. Serum is able to secure against further damage and improve the external layer of hair. While shopping, pick one that is high in active substances and formulated without silicones because they dry out the hair in the long run. Instead, seek serum rich in organic vegetable oils, vitamins, herbal extracts. The composition is the key thing while choosing hair products.

How to use a hair serum?

Follow the directions indicated on the packaging. Usually, it can be reapplied during the day but it’s best to use it before styling. Serum is to protect the hair from the outside factors, changing weather conditions, humidity and UV radiation. Apply the product to dry hair or right after washing. Be careful not to apply too much.

Can a hair serum stimulate faster hair growth?

No, it cannot because you don’t use it on the scalp. It is unable to stimulate the hair follicles because you use it just on the ends and lengths.

Hair serum or oil?

Without doubts, hair oils – particularly natural pure oils – give better results because they penetrate the deepest hair layers triggering growth. Oil treatment is the best way to keep the hair in perfect condition.

Opinions on hair serums

Obviously, there are mixed opinions because there are plenty of serums. Some feature hair-damaging substances while others really improve the strands. While choosing serum or any other hair product, always be careful and read the ingredient list. If you don’t, you are highly likely to cause damage to your hairdo.