7 proven ideas for growing long hair

Are you dreaming of having long and beautiful hair? Luckily, this is one of the easiest tasks on Earth! With the below tips in mind, you will get a few inches longer hair within a surprisingly short period of time.


The most challenging thing about growing hair is making sure that the strands are in a good condition, which is strictly connected with basic hair maintenance procedures such as shampooing or trimming. There are some people who completely resign from getting the hair shortened at all – so reluctant they are to lose even an inch of their slowly growing strands. Is it a good approach to take? Are there other ways promoting healthy and measurable hair growth? Keep reading to find out!

How to grow long hair fast?

1. Develop good eating habits & use oral substitution

Vitamins and their supplements combined with good eating habits are a key to healthy and strong hair. When delivering a portion of vitamins and microelements to your body (the ones responsible for improving the hair), you influence the hair parts that are located in the scalp – the follicles and bulbs. Only then can you be certain that your strands have the perfect environment to grow long and healthy. When supplied with the right set of vitamins, the keratinocytes multiply in the matrix of the hair, which promotes accelerated hair growth.

2. Apply natural oils to the hair – this is the fastest way to grow long hair

Hair oil treatment, that is spreading natural oils over the hair and scalp, makes one of the easiest ways to get long and healthy hair in a snap. Natural oils are the rich source of nutrients that can be delivered to the entire length of the hair easily. On top of that, natural oils are able to make strands look beautiful and positively influence the state of the hair. Last but not least, natural oils protect the hair from the negative impact of external aggressors.

3. Use scalp conditioners to keep the scalp nourished

Regular application of scalp conditioners is a way to enjoy healthy scalp freed from cosmetic residues as well as stronger hair follicles that after being exposed to a massage (it has to be done while applying the scalp conditioner) are encouraged to produce more hair. It’s also worth realizing that scalp conditioners improve blood flow in the scalp and prevent hair loss. Such hair care products should be also found useful if you suffer from dandruff or seborrhea.

4. Get the hair trimmed regularly

This isn’t true that you mustn’t trim the hair even an inch if you want it to be long. This very inch that you cut every few weeks will help your hair grow longer and more beautiful. How so? Because in this way you will prevent it from getting damaged from the ends, which actually are the most prone to damage. Therefore, visit a hairdresser regularly to get your hair trimmed. Don’t try to do it on your own because only a professional knows how to do it correctly.

5. Protect the hair ends

What more can be done to make sure that the “quality” of hair ends is high? Keep them protected every single day using either a special serum destined for hair ends or a natural oil that apart from preventing splitting will also nourish the hair thanks to a huge amount of omega acids, flavonoids and plant sterols.

6. Maintain your hair length

Growing long hair takes more than just waiting passively for the strands to get longer. This process also includes implementing proper conditioning treatments to make hair stronger and help it look better. Apart from a shampoo and a conditioner, you should make use of leave-in conditioners, spray lotions, natural oils and hair masks (apply it at least twice a week). Naturally, you should forget using a blow dryer and a flat iron for a while.

7. Shield the hair from sun, freezing weather & urban pollution

Keeping hair protected from damage makes one of the most essential elements of growing long hair successfully. Do you really wish to get long tresses? Okay, then do your best to shield the hair from damage so you don’t have to cut it when it’s finally long. In order to achieve this goal, you have to make use of natural oils (i.e. hair oil treatment) and a keratin hair mask that grants your wish of having full-looking and stunning hair.